Shocking Pink! episode 2


Recently, Guan Yu is worried that Takaaki’s attitude toward Liu Bei is cold.
I suspect that the cause is the mannerism of sex with Liu Bei.
Guan Yu thinks that by embracing a woman other than Liu Bei, she will be able to reaffirm the charm of Liu Bei, and puts into practice a solution to that irrelevant belief.
Guan Yu forcibly brings Takaaki to a love hotel. He daringly strips Takaaki’s clothes and pushes them down.
At first, Guan Yu was in control, but because he was his virgin, he was taken over by Takaaki and fell in love with the pleasure of being vaginal cum shot.

One afternoon. Takaaki enjoys the time alone with Zhang Fei. Zhang Fei’s cute little sister, which the other two do not have, is destructive enough to shake Takaaki’s younger sister Moe soul.
When I was in the bathtub while biting into such a blissful time, Zhang Fei in a swimsuit came into the bathroom.
Takaaki didn’t have enough reason to resist her temptation …