Maken no Hime wa Ero Ero Desu episode 1


“What should I do, this is it!”
The childhood friend who complains with teary eyes and a terrifying sword in her hand is Sheila Magnus, the first princess of the Kingdom of McDen.
Erik couldn’t do anything about the girl’s complaint …
“Oh, it’s a troubled princess. It’s been a few years since I saw the erotic magic sword.
” Sheila and Erik’s tactical coach, educator, guardian, and other elf Nina.
Sheila has been curious about her magic sword in the treasure house, which is the basement of McDen’s Castle.
Thus, the erotic journey of Erik, Sheila, and Nina began to save Sheila, who began to be eroded by the curse of the magic sword
. I’m thinking!
Sheila screams desperately while being held down by her rugged hands. On top of her was her tough orc, stripping her delicate Sheila’s armor and sliding her long tongue over her innocent limbs … but

why ? I have to do something like this!
Sheila hung in the woods shouts. She has a whip in front of her, and Nina looks down on her mysteriously.
I have to re-educate the erotic princess.
Sheila can’t be struck by Nina who smiles obscenely while being struck by every part of her exposed limbs. Was starting to burn … in that pain …