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Maken no Hime wa Ero Ero Desu episode 3

Sheila has been invaded by a magic sword and has been forcibly labeled as an erotic princess.
In order not to lose her lustful dream, the bondage delusion erotic erotic ○○ theater has opened while being tied up by a big tree while being prompted by the hungry elf who proposes to make it erotic erotic in the real world!
At the same time, Nina and Erik start to make the princess Tsundere, who is hanging in bondage, soaked and wet so that she can taste it with a lot of hot flashes
. In order to overcome the sword’s lustful dream, I’m ashamed to twist it while making it aching and getting wet, and it’s hot flashes and it’s a climax!
However, the hungry elf, who is afraid that it will be overwritten soon, was forced to use a swimsuit-like armor as a further
foolery … Sheila, dressed in a bikini, wore a cloak and was exposed to the curiosity of a passing traveler, followed by a shy look from behind Nina and Erik …