Maken no Hime wa Ero Ero Desu episode 2


This is also a way to save the princess.
Nina, an elf who was like her master who raised her with Sheila from an early age.
Erik was always teased by erotic eroticism, as she was born in front of her, and she was so impressed that she couldn’t
help but she straddled her waist like a ghost. It’s embarrassing
to leak from her lips … ”
Well, it’s my first time, I.”
It was Erik who was absorbed in the limbs of her sister …

Sheila didn’t notice the relationship between the two, but somehow the sense of distance between the two was annoying for no apparent reason. I remember, I was messing around and doing something in the bush …
A slime that suddenly appeared. It suddenly changed shape, tied up around the surprised Sheila, and even began to melt the fabric that came in contact with it … In
front of the terrifying knight of Tsundere’s bondage, a terrifyingly arousing meat stick A slime that imitates a tiger is staring at me …