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Maken no Hime wa Ero Ero Desu episode 4

Tsundere princess knight Sheila, who witnesses the flirtation scene of Yomoya and wears a micro bikini armor that is crazy about exposure, escapes from the place too much, but after that, it is about to be attacked by a giant oak. I encountered the scene of a traveler who was having an affair.
Sheila was hesitant to stand up to help her, but one of her travelers was sacrificed.
Sheila lamented her own cause, though she jumped out and knocked down the orc …
what a naked woman …?
Is that Princess Sheila? The princess of this country is a flasher !?
Immediately, a traveler villager surrounds Sheila with too much skin area in a micro bikini armor, and while starting to blame her with obscene and despised words with curiosity and contempt. As if waiting for the next turn, the men show off their cocks to buy their bodies as a saleswoman Sheila … Sheila is so embarrassed and surprised.
Before that, she even looked down on her companions, Nina and Erik, together …