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Oyasumi Sex episode 2

It was a lie that I confessed … The day I put my sister Yui to sleep and crossed the line, Yui was the last word she confided.
Even after a few days, the word never left the beginning of her chapter, but Yui acted as if she didn’t remember that day.
Seeing her innocent appearance, Akira vowed to stop wanting a relationship beyond her brother and sister.
One day, I see Yui getting her sleep-inducing pill.
Chapter was told by Yui that if she drank this, she could sleep well until morning.
That night, the chapter stood by Yui, who was sleeping quietly.
Her head is full by committing Yui in his head.
Chapter treated his sister’s body as he wanted, but pretended to be a good brother and sister as if nothing had happened in the morning.
Every time I saw her sister taking a sleeping pill, she repeated that.