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Oyasumi Sex episode 1

The older brother, Akira, and the younger sister, Yui, live in a single-mother family environment because their parents divorced.
A straightforward and serious chapter has taken care of Yui as a substitute for her father.
One morning, Akira is told that Yui has confessed to her schoolboy.
The chapter cannot hide the upset that he has seen only one side that he does not know.
What always came to my mind in the chapter was a crybaby, Yui, a spoiled boy.
He thought it was his job to stay with him and take care of his sister.
And she knew that it would be time for her grown-up Yui to leave her.
But when she actually hears it from Yui’s mouth, the back of her chapter becomes painful.
The chapter was in Yui’s bedroom the night he greeted him with a hazy feeling. Akira reaches out to her younger sister, Yui, who is sleeping comfortably …