Pretty Soldier Pretty Mask + Sucker Demon Morogan + Maya’s Tragedy Multi Voice Work


Japanese:美少女戦士プリティマスク+吸精鬼モロガン+摩耶の悲劇 マルチ音声作品


The package includes a full 3D computer-generated animation with multiple voices, featuring a resolution of 1280×720 HD and a runtime of 34 minutes and 16 seconds. The female voice actors involved are Pako Shirakawa, Mei Satsuki, Persia Murasaki, Nene Akabane, Riia Narimori, and Kanon Yuugiri, while the male voice actor is Sagi Kashimura. In addition, there is a bonus VR video that can be viewed using smartphone VR headsets, as well as 66 bonus images.

The package contains various sound effects such as squishing and creaking sounds, as well as background sounds, and includes alternate voices. It also features background music and a cross-section view of the vagina, showing the ejaculation process.

The video quality is of the highest possible standard, achieved using a new renderer. The package comprises three short video works and a VR work, with four changeable voice patterns. The scenario, character modeling, sound effects, music (partially), and special effects were created by Circle T&A.