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Kyonyuu Dosukebe Gakuen episode 1

Shiratori Gakuen, where Shota Higashi attends, was famous as a young lady’s school before co-education.
Even now, the only female students who come to co-education from that remnant are young ladies.
However, they were far from ladies, and most of them had a free-spirited attitude toward sex and a high-handed attitude toward boys.
Among them, there are rumors that Reika Segawa, Rene Umezawa, Nao Kusuda, and Tamahime Shinohara have established an informal club called the Maiden Club, and dragged in the boys who had their eyes on them until they couldn’t recover. Yes, I was afraid from all over the school.
Shota had a school life that had nothing to do with the Maiden Club, but one day he happened to know their secret.
Reika and his friends, who were informed of his secret, caught him and let him join the maiden club without asking questions.
Shota was relieved that he was just joined and nothing was done, but he realized that it was a big mistake.