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Marriage Blue episode 1

“Masaharu Asao” decided to marry “Sayaka Kudo” after a platonic love affair.
Masaharu will have a wedding ceremony at the wedding hall where Masaharu’s older sister “Misato Asao” and her senior “Ryuji Kaneko” are
working as her wedding planner.
Despite being busy preparing for the ceremony and working, Masaharu was happy with his support.
At that time, sudden work makes it impossible to go to the ceremony meeting.
Masaharu devotes himself to the work in front of her for a happy future, while worrying about her fiancée heading for the ceremony.
However, at that time, on the bed illuminated by the lascivious light, the stubborn and stubborn Ryuji’s cock carved unforgettable pleasure into his lustrous limbs …