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Kyuuketsuki episode 2

Sucking demon.
It is a race of darkness that absorbs human vitality and lives as its own food.
In order for the men of their clan to be animated, they must commit a human woman’s asshole and perform a “sucking hole”.
For that reason, they train a human girl as anal ○○ “Kyuketsuki” every day!

Claude, who was still an inexperienced ass demon, finally awakens to his true power in the days of continuous training to Mikage.
Eyes that glow red. Sharply stretched fangs. A meat stick that pulsates violently.
Claude, along with her assistant Hino, blames Mikage more than ever.

Mikage who opens the buttock hole to the limit and still shows the anal mucous membrane.
It is led to the climax of the XX ass hole many times by the unknown power.
Eventually, the girl shakes her hips, goes crazy, agonizes herself, and becomes an anal addict …!

Anal fuck earnestly! Butt hole! Anal fuck!
Anal mania coveted non-stop anal hole training story!
What is the end of the ass waiting for Claude, Mikage, and Hino !?