Boy Meets Harem The Animation episode 1


A charter plane carrying a student heading for a school trip and a leading teacher crashed into the sea.
A week later, five men and women had arrived on an isolated island in the South Sea.
The only male student, Naoki Shindo, and his classmate, Kana Miyamura, Momoka Kiriyama, Asami Kakinuma, and Sanae Nakazono, the teacher in charge.

Naoki, who has experience as a boy scout, was a reliable presence from other members.
However, for the past week, he has been sleeping and eating with the women, so he can not handle sexual desire, and he masturbates by looking through the bushes to see the women bathing in the spring.
Then, Naked Asami appears where Naoki ejaculates and begins to give a blow job to Naoki.

Looking into the fountain again, Kana and Momoka were doing lesbian play and Sanae was masturbating.
“… I’m looking forward to the night … Naoki-kun ♪”
Asami smiled meaningfully with her face covered with semen …