Shikoyaka naru Toki mo Hameru Toki mo episode 1


“Oero Onsen Monogatari”
Frigid, dark, lonely … A man finally discovers Ranko-no-Yu, which is said to be a phantom unexplored region.
A second woman came in while he was soaking in a hot spring to heal his tiredness.
She told me she wouldn’t hide her body and she wouldn’t be ashamed to settle her hips on either side of the man.
The man’s dick swells and is played with by two people just by touching the body a little.
Immerse yourself in the core of your body with the sensuality that makes you think that it is a hallucination that the steam shows.

Orika Kario, the director of ”
Kageppuchi Koiuta”, is 32 years old! She came all the way to work without romance or heterosexual exchange.
As her surroundings and her subordinates get married, she finds herself standing on a cliff for the first time.
When she is depressed and drinking her liquor, her subordinate Xu-do appears and works for her, but her drunken little words deepen the relationship between the two.