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Nerawareta Megami Tenshi Angeltia: Mamotta Ningentachi ni Uragirarete episode 1

Yuri Maishima is confused.
The bus on the way back from the molester. Ryone Shizumi, a female teacher at the school, appeared to help.
She is a beautiful witch who is popular with students because she has a good style and a beautiful older sister who has interesting lessons. However, the appearance is different from usual …
Yuuri who was helped hears a surprising story from Ryoune.
This world is being eroded by the demon world, and Ryoune is fighting as a goddess angel named “Holy Rouge” to help humans to prevent it.
And that she also has the power to fight her.
She understood them and she decided to fight for this world too … but …
“Please run away ……… No, no … there …”

Yuuri, who was fighting as the goddess angel “Angel Tier”, is restrained by the wooden tentacles prepared by the demons.
And when she was exposed unprotected in front of the homeless men hanging out in the park, the men grinned and touched, rubbed, and groped their unprotected limbs.
The men who were contaminated with the demons’ miasma had exposed their desires and turned into beasts that just attacked. “That’s what I’m doing. ”
I thought it would be a special move to get through the pinch with a light-type attack, but …
“Oh, that’s … lie.”
There is. In order to purify it, you have to spit out the sperm …
to understand its meaning … it was too pure and innocent …