Eisai Kyoiku episode 1


A private Shuka Gakuen with a vast site and modern facilities.
It was a long time ago that the gifted education with an excellent teaching system built prosperity … Now this school is in danger of survival. Decline in students’ awareness of going to school … Repeated scandals caused by ethical decline … Many of the excellent teachers who once supported this school have already left the school, and the fame of Shuka Gakuen has been declining every day.

Knowing the plight of this school, where his uncle is the principal, the protagonist decides this is an opportunity and talks to his uncle to get a good hunting ground to satisfy his distorted desires. He said, “I will find a new talent to sleep in this school and show it to the top class.”

Knowing the hero’s past achievements, his uncle is willing to accept this and welcomes him as a chemistry teacher. Without knowing his true ability development method … And now, his for him was about to begin …