Succubus Connect! episode 1


Yui. She’s head over heels for her stepbrother, and she’s got some serious “connection” fantasies going on. But here’s the catch, her confidence ain’t exactly on point, she feels like she’s lacking that inner diva spark. One fine day, a mysterious voice leads Yui to a whole new world, like some freaky alternate dimension or something. And of course, out of nowhere, some thug decides to ruin her day by attacking her. A seductive succubus spirit swoops in and merges with Yui. Their compatibility is off the charts, giving that succubus complete control over Yui’s actions. Yui ain’t one to take things lying down, she decides to flip the script on her attacker, unleashing a series of lewd attacks. Stuck in a world filled with succubi, Yui’s left wondering what the hell is gonna happen next.