Doukyo Suru Neneki episode 1


The mc, Yuji Fujiwara, has been having one hell of a bad luck streak, man. Shit’s been hitting the fan left and right for this guy. When he was a little kid, they blamed him for breaking a damn vase, even though he wasn’t the one who did it, bro. Then, to top it off, he lost his job ’cause some dumbass co-worker messed up.  Now, at his part-time gig, there’s this chick named Takamiya. She’s younger than him, but she’s always pointing fingers at Yuji for other people’s screw-ups. Poor guy can’t catch a break. After a rough day, he finally gets home, feeling all down and shit. But guess what? He’s greeted by  a freakin’ shape-shifting slime that’s been living with him for three whole months. This was some fate kind of meeting. Three months ago, he sees this slime on the street, and it just wraps itself around him. Dude was scared shitless, thinking it’s gonna devour him or something. But, surprise surprise, she ain’t showing any hostility towards Yuji.  So, they start living together from that day on. This slime can actually talk, change its shape, and it’s gotten all attached to Yuji. The problem is, he ain’t feeling the same way about this slimy creature. So, to get his attention, this slime decides to transform into the appearance of Takamiya-san, his co-worker. She’s trying to seduce him and win him.