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Kanpeki Ojou-sama no Watakushi ga Dogeza de Mazo Ochi Suru Choro-in na Wakenai desu wa! episode 3

Silver-white Concern with tremendous power.
She is her breather and her trailer, Irina.
As her successor, she has pursued perfection in everything, and she reigned over the school as the chairman who is the absolute existence that everyone longs for.
On the other hand, she was also in the process of performing a sow masochist service to Yuji Sado, who she admitted as a submissive partner …
Celestine, who follows as the deacon and bodyguard of Irina.
It was she who dealt calmly at all times and sought to maintain the relationship between Yuji and Irina.
She had only a sense of mission for her husband, Irina, who was a lady and her husband … but
she was Celestine. I’m always grateful to you, but … I can’t forgive this blunder. That’s why I should reflect on myself. In
the words of Irina, who has a gentle but harsh and lowly light … Celestine
who is completely remorseful … …… While showing off the dexterous technique of tying the rope himself, it changed to a bondage hanging state …
Yuji-sama … Please … For me as a sow … Please punish me. No
cool, expressionless and always calm Celestine’s shy and begging gaze … to swing his whip down on his pure white skin … I couldn’t hesitate.