Kanpeki Ojou-sama no Watakushi ga Dogeza de Mazo Ochi Suru Choro-in na Wakenai desu wa! episode 2

Silver-white Concern with tremendous power.
She is her breather and her trailer, Irina.
As her successor, she has pursued perfection in everything, and she reigned over the school as the chairman who is the absolute existence that everyone longs for. On the other hand, he was also in the process of masochistic
sow masochist service to Yuji Sado, who he admitted as a submissive partner …
In the secret lips under the skirt, I was burying an obscenely ringing thick vibe …
While desperately enduring, Irina in the speech managed to do everything, but when she left the stage, she could not stand it. It was a hidden charm that leaked a loud cry …

Such Irina naturally has a punishment service waiting for her, and in the student organization room, she wears an elbow on the open window and smiles and elegantly outside. While looking at the hidden lower body, he straddled the waist of his master, Yuji, and was deeply burying and pushing up the meat stick.
“Well, Irina-sama is looking out, isn’t it?”
The chairman of the discipline, who is on a patrol, calls out to Irina, who can be seen by her window.
Irina’s limbs, which are smiling and enduring her desperately approaching her as close as possible to her barre, are blazing with new moisture …

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