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Kanpeki Ojou-sama no Watakushi ga Dogeza de Mazo Ochi Suru Choro-in na Wakenai desu wa! episode 1

Silver-white Concern with tremendous power.
She is her breather and her trailer, Irina.
As her successor, she has pursued perfection in everything, and she reigned over the school as the chairman who is the absolute existence that everyone longs for.
For Irina, her only concern was the gaze of her junior, Yuji Sado.
While everyone is looking at admiration, respect, respect, and awe, Yuji’s line of sight is different from any of them, and he scorns and despises the unprecedented contempt that he has never been directed to. It is.
It was because I was able to see what Irina could call the only blemishes, but Irina, who was hurt by her pride each time, wanted to change her gaze … I wore the enamel bondage that I had done and gave a special training to end it in the crotch

… The moment Irina decided to face that line of sight and faced Yuji who called … …
… I was pressing my face …