Tsuma no Haha Sayuri episode 2


Forbidden love with older women. It’s richer than anything else …

The main character, Akihiko Kusakabe, is cheated by his wife and is evaporated.
With that as a notch, he began living with three confusing people: his wife’s mother, Sayuri, her aunt, Fujino, and his wife’s wife, Shizue.
Always urged by the bewitching Fujino, Sayuri’s “woman”, who hasn’t been dealt with by her husband for a long time, began to wake up again, and she became a captive of nasty sex.
However, it should not be interesting for Fujino who has been staring at Akihiko for a long time, and it becomes terrible between the two, but the situation changes greatly due to Shizue’s wit and entry, and due to unexpected sudden development. hand…? ?? ??
Under one roof, surrounded by beautiful women, whereabouts of Urayama sexual activity !?