Tsuma no Haha Sayuri episode 1


I’m a bad woman … I’m a shameless woman who really wants my daughter’s husband …

The main character, Akihiko Kusakabe, is cheated by his wife and is evaporated.
Her wife’s mother, Sayuri Itokawa, was deceived by a man when she was young and gave birth to her daughter, and has been feeding her in the water business.
While comforting her mother-in-law who begins to cry when she learns about her daughter’s evaporation, “the blood of the same fornication as herself”, the hero who continued to have an austere life in the appearance of a too glossy mother-in-law became lustful, but her mother-in-law But he noticed his gaze …

Furthermore, Fujino Nikaido, an aunt who loves him, asks him, and a woman who calls himself Shizue Asahina asks him by chance. The surname Asahina is the same as the man who evaporated with her wife.
Reluctantly accepting her that she wasn’t there, a strange living together with her abandoned ones began …