Sex Aid


Japanese title:秘書


Fresh out of college, a young man lands his dream job as the secretary to the CEO of a powerful company. Little did he know that his boss was a towering giantess who demanded complete submission from her employees.

On his first day, he was shocked when he was ordered to become the CEO’s personal footrest. He found himself on all fours, struggling to bear the weight of the CEO’s enormous leg.

As days went by, he found himself being subjected to more and more humiliating tasks, but he couldn’t deny the intense excitement that came with being so close to his powerful boss. However, as the demands grew more and more extreme, he began to question whether he could handle the pressure.

Just when he thought he couldn’t take it anymore, the CEO revealed her true intentions. He finally understood what she meant by “do your best at work.” With his loyalty tested, he must decide whether to stay loyal to his powerful boss or risk everything to stand up for himself.