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TSF Monogatari episode 1

Takumi Musashino, a male student who suffered from a strange disease of unknown cause.
He survived gene therapy, but his body turned into a woman!
When Takumi in pretty clothes showed off to his classmates, they were lustful for Takumi’s appearance …!?

“Girl’s Day”
lost her virginity and woke up to the pleasures of a woman. Takumi.
One day Takumi got acme with masturbation, and his fingers were covered with blood and he was surprised!
She is told that she is her period by Anri, who goes to school with her on the train, and is told that she has become a real girl.
However, at that time, the man’s hand was in the crotch of her Anri … The man reached out to Takumi who tried to help her Anri …!?