Doukyo Suru Neneki episode 2


Yuuji, after a long day at the damn konbini, hops on the train, heading back home like he always does. But this time, things are about to get freaky. You see, this slimy little creature he lives with, it’s got some serious shapeshifting skills and decides to morph into his coworker, Takamiya. Without even bumping into the real Takamiya, Yuuji breathes a sigh of relief, thinking he’s in the clear. But nope, this slime creature is still rockin’ Takamiya’s form, grinning like a damn maniac and striking up a conversation with Yuuji. And wouldn’t you know it, this little encounter causes some trouble with the chick standing next to him. She starts dissin’ Yuuji, making fun of him and pissing off the slime creature. But damn, Yuuji’s got some smooth moves. He apologizes like a saint and diffuses the situation. But here’s the kicker. The slime creature ain’t done yet. It’s still pissed at Yuuji for not speakin’ up and letting people walk all over him. So, what does it do? It transforms into that same chick from earlier, but this time in a skimpy swimsuit. Apparently, she used to be on the swim team. Yuuji’s mind is blown, and his desires start to bubble up. But wait, it gets better. The slime creature splits itself and transforms into none other than Takamiya, rockin’ that sexy swimsuit getup. Yuuji’s stuck between these two hotties in swimwear, and damn, it’s gettin’ hard to keep his urges in check.  Things are about to get steamy as Yuuji struggles to resist the temptations right in front of him. Will he give in to his primal instinct, or can he somehow maintain control?