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Private Sessions episode 1

The stage is a young lady’s school famous for its strict discipline. The story begins when he is assigned there as a temporary lecturer … His name is Takumi Mikami. On the surface, Mikami disguised himself as a serious instructor, but in fact he had a strong desire for atrocities. He isn’t currently in a regular job because he’s been ousted from the podium because he once tampered with his students. Mikami spends his days unnecessarily, but he trains when he was a student and gets the position of a temporary teacher at the school with the guidance of the female teacher “Higashi Saehime” who kept it as a female ○○.

The triple deity pays attention to the remarkable students as soon as they are assigned. His purpose is only one. He was to play with the body of a pretty schoolgirl at will and enjoy her pleasure and painful facial expressions. He reveals the secrets of school girls that cannot be told to others and seizes the weaknesses. I will chase down one by one and fall down. Now, the opening bell of his devilish special class is ringing …