Private Sessions episode 2


Mikami, who was trained as a student and got the position of a temporary teacher at the school by the guidance of Saehime who was raised as a female ○○, called it a “special class” and played with the body of a school girl and that He enjoyed the distorted facial expressions of pleasure and pain. He was still calling and committing basketball ace Natsuki Shinkawa after practice. While enjoying the smell and taste of sweat that was abundant in sports, she threatened to stop by threatening, “Would you like to be a professional player in the United States?

Saehime, who was spinning her video, demands sex with “I’ll do it, senior”, but she says, “I’m not with you after the temporary teacher’s job is over.” On the other hand, Minori asks her true truth about what happened to the triple deity and finally reveals the fact that she was violated. But what should I do, to the police … no. Thinking about the future of her sister, I just have to get back the videotape of her evidence …