Tropical Kiss episode 3


Kaito Kusakari jumped out of the countryside with the dream of becoming a BIG man!
And he will work at the resort facility “A ・ LO ・ HA”, a company that has been looking to earn living expenses for the time being.
…… The women who happen to meet again there.
Nagi Saotome, his first love partner. His childhood friend Hinata Fireworks. Aoi Matsuri with a broken heart.
And, the ultimate is the partner of the first experience, Lixia Himuro.
Reunion with everyone gathered together. Lixia involuntarily overwhelms the seaman who suddenly disappeared from his old days.
The first day of the reunion with the women he said was terrible.

Ama manages her daily work while being shaken by delicate relationships.
One day, Fireworks, who are worried about the relationship between Ama and Lixia, want to hear about their past.
Lixia smells that she was a good friend, looking sideways at the desperately deceptive seaman.
However, due to the sudden appearance of Ama’s younger sister, Kusakari Rapeseed, the pursuit of the story on the spot ends in Uyamya.
On the way home from work, Ama happens to encounter a fire in her apartment in the summer.

Lixia stands in front of an apartment surrounded by a sea of ​​fire. The next moment, Lixia jumps into the sea of ​​fire.
A seaman who decides her resolution and follows her. As expected, Lixia had collapsed there due to lack of oxygen.
A photo in her hand in her early summer. Ama with a surprised face and Lixia with a big smile are shown.
Kaito who noticed the steadfast feelings of the beginning of summer.

Unravel the mistakes of the past and understand your honest feelings.