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Paizuri Cheerleader VS Sakunyuu Ouendan! episode 1

Cheerleading club Shin, a cheerleader who has injured the ace Chieri of Purple Phoenix.
He was taken responsibility for injuring the ace before the national tournament, and was appointed as a manager and a women’s dormitory manager in a semi-XX manner.
In addition, by the coach’s mucha swing, he will be able to participate in the fucking special training in which all the cheerleaders participate.

Yuko, the cheerleader and her sister-in-law who received Shin’s report, gives Shin a certain order.
The order was, “Use the secret medicine / milking medicine that produces breast milk and makes you horny, and fall into the natural enemy Purple Phoenix!”
Shin who tries milking medicine to get along well. Refreshing fucking special training is about to begin …