Tropical Kiss episode 2


One day, a water gun battle between boys and girls will be held in the name of deepening friendship (planned just because Shinta and wind chimes, who are usually skirmishing, want to fight).
Beautiful women in racy swimsuits pick up water guns and scatter the rough boys.
Naturally, there is also a promised porori ♪ Nyururi ♪ Dopuri ♪, and the men are very excited! It was a tournament that fully satisfied the desires of men.

Meanwhile, the festival, which started dating Ama and was at the height of happiness, was spending days of drinking and eating.
As usual, a festival where mischief rubs your chest from a wind chime.
However, it was pointed out that his body had become plump, and he was shocked.
And as a result of continuing a harsh diet, the festival collapsed in the sauna room.
Ama worried about the body of her festival encourages her that her healthy festival is her favorite.
Two people with a nice atmosphere. The moment she kissed her and tried to do her first act … The festival when she first witnessed the big cock of Ama was fainted.
Ama and the festival that try to insert many times with the goal of making children, which is the hope of the two. Finally, I succeed in vaginal cum shot.
The festival, which noticed that she was losing weight, became a captive of sex after that, and forced seamen to do all kinds of sex such as face-to-face sitting, side position, blowjob, missionary position, vaginal cum shot, and woman on top posture.