Tropical Kiss episode 1


Kaito Kusakari jumped out of the country with the dream of becoming a BIG man!
And he decided to work at the resort facility “A ・ LO ・ HA”, a company that was looking to earn living expenses for the time being.
There, a surprising fact is discovered. All five women lined up in front of the solidifying ama said something.

Childhood friend ”Hinata Hanabi” (part-time job)
Broken heart partner! ”Aoi Matsuri” (part-time job)
First experience partner !! ”Himuro Rikka” (part-time job)
Proposal partner !!! ”Minamizuki Izumi” (part-time job)
First love partner !! !! “Saotome Nagi” (Manager)

On the first day of the new world to become a BIG man, there were a lot of beautiful women who were talking to Kaito.
Fireworks “Ama !? Why are you here …”
Lixia “Why did you suddenly disappear … Stupid Ama”
Festival “Ama-san … Oh, that … I’m sorry, what should I say …”
Izumi “My Minazuki Due to the house’s lessons, I’m getting married right now, Ama-sama! ”

Nagi” I was surprised, I thought that Ama -kun … ” The uniform is a swimsuit
The events associated with this keyword …

The shameless resort facilities of beautiful swimsuits … are just tropical ♪