Harem Time: The Animation episode 2


[Happy Family Sleep]
Seiji and Misuzu are newly married couples.
However, Misuzu has her stepchild Misaki, and she wants to sleep with her and can’t do sex easily.
One night, when Seiji wakes up with a naughty dream, Misaki is holding Seiji’s cock!
Misaki fell in love at first sight with Seiji, and she says she was doing this every night.
Misuzu also wakes up there, and the two fight for Seiji !!

[Harem Time III]
Reiji and Miyako are having sex with each other. Arisu is peeping at the situation secretly.
The next day, Arisu confesses her feelings to Reiji asking her to put her on her side because she can be a concubinage.
Reiji tries to get out of the position of the owner because he is not the owner’s vessel, but his wife candidate and Junko are attracted to Reiji’s personality.
Therefore, the city suggested that the person who had the earliest basket would become his wife!