Harem Time: The Animation episode 1


[Harem Time]
Reiji Sato, a part-time worker, is suddenly brought to the Kamiyama family, a large conglomerate.
His mother was the mistress of the Kamiyama family’s predecessor, and Reiji was selected as the next owner of the Kamiyama family because he had no heirs.
And five beautiful girls including Arisu appear in front of Reiji.
Among them, the one who has Reiji’s child can become the wife of the Kamiyama family. They piled up with Reiji as if they were fighting for the future !?

[Drunk love]
The man who entered the university travel circle fell in love with senior Hiraizumi, a candidate for Miscan.
On the night of the new joy party, the man sends a drunken Hiraizumi to his home.
Then, Hiraizumi kisses a man …!?

[Harem Time II]
Reiji wakes up in the morning with the service of Arisu and others. Then, on that day, the capital appears in the mansion as a candidate for Reiji’s wife.
In fact, his father’s company is on the verge of bankruptcy, and if he becomes a candidate for his wife, he will receive a subsidy. Reiji is indignant at the Kamiyama family’s way of doing things.
The capital likes Reiji, and she applies for her “friends” dating again …!?