Medical Humiliation episode 1

Nozomi, a flirting nurse… Tatsuki eating a water cannon … Rumi, her senior nurse, strips Sarina naked and ties her up. She stabs Sarina’s body with an IV needle, saying, “You can’t make the drip fragile? Remember it with your body.” Watching her painful appearance, she gropes her crotch. Tatsuki moans when the catheter is stabbed in the urethra. Rinka, a strange nurse who burns incense and masturbates in the morgue. Tatsuki is sitting on the ground with the director, Yasuko. “I’m sorry. I’ll do anything, so please put it here.” Yasuko overlooking Ryuki. “If you say that, I’ll let you live in the warehouse on the roof. Instead, do all the chores of the hospital.” Yasuko kicks up Tatsuki’s face. At night, when the entire hospital has fallen asleep, Nozomi wanders around the warehouse where Tatsuki lives. What Nozomi saw there was the figure of Nagarjuna who calls Sarina XX and Sarina who calls Nagarjuna her husband …

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