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Medical Humiliation episode 2

Rinka is masturbating while burning her incense in the morgue. However, Rinka remembers the past and ends up with incomplete combustion. Sarina with a red face is walking in front of her Rinka, who drags her body and wanders around the hospital, which was only imperfect. And Sarina suddenly collapses and begins to pee. There was a figure of a dragon tree there.
“Sarina, you leaked it on the way.” “I’m sorry. My husband.” “I can’t pee into you today.” Rinka takes a
peek at the situation. The next day, Rinka tries to ask Sarina about it, but Sarina just wanders around.
When Rinka returns to her morgue, she remembers the sight she saw yesterday, and her hand extends into her crotch. Tatsuki who inflated her crotch suddenly enters there …