Anejiru the Animation 2 episode 2


“Show off masturbation.”
Shirakawa family’s pet cat, Kuri, became a human being due to the curse of the bottle.
Still, Kuri, who was sleeping in the living room at will, wakes up to Kyoko’s roar. When I looked into the bathroom, I saw Kyoko masturbating there.
As she stares, Kyoko suddenly appears in front of the chestnut. Kyoko also noticed Kyoko’s appearance.
Kyoko who inserts her vibe into the dick can not suppress her excitement …

Kyoko has been peeped at Kyoko’s masturbation. Kyoko was made to crawl on all fours like a dog, and Kyoko thrust a vibe
from behind …
and Kyoko who made her lick a dildo had no choice but to start using her tongue !? Sleeping Ryoko was licking her breasts by someone. When Ryoko woke up, she was there with Kuri. Ryoko was surprised to see Kuri as a human figure and called Yu, but Ryoko got acme when she was licked by her chestnut. In addition, Ryoko covers her lying chestnuts and shows off her wet dick …!?