Succubus Appli: Gakuen Sai episode 3


Yuma Oda, thanks to the XX investigation app “Hypnos” that she accidentally picked up, started with “Kyou Fujimiya” as a sexual processing meat urinal, and then “Sakurano Akizuki”, the chairman of the discipline, as a member of the sexual processing department. Play with.
And it was a daily routine to treat the girls in the school as meat urinals.
By updating the app, two people can operate XX at the same time.
The selected subjects were “Fujimiya” and “Akizuki”.
If you input “obedience female dog XX”, the training time will start.
The two subordinates unleash their potential desires, devour Yuma’s body to every corner, and get drunk with pleasure.
It continues until the two people’s excitement subsides.