Succubus Appli: Gakuen Sai episode 1


An ordinary male student “Yuma Oda” receives a smartphone app called [Hypnos].
It is displayed that you can freely order a woman with an app that has the power of an incubus.
When I used it for my classmate girls for the first time for free, it became a reality !! When
I returned home with suspicion, the incubus “Aryume Rina” appeared and told me that Yuma was selected as a tester candidate for the app.
When I tried to hit the XX word on the cheeky classmate gal “Fujimiya” at school, it instantly hung on XX of [Mouth urinal for sexual processing], and the vacuumed mouth drank not only sperm but also urine after that. I will.
The next day, when I confirmed that Fujimiya’s memory of yesterday was vague due to the influence of the application, as the next step, I released XX words to make Fujimiya a [meat urinal for sex processing] exclusively for Oda Yuma !!