Succubus Appli: Gakuen Sai episode 2


“Sakurano Akizuki,” the chairman of the discipline, was stuck with the relationship between Yuma and Lina on the rooftop.
It is the act of impure heterosexuality itself.

Yuma, who was questioned in Akizuki in the disciplinary committee room and was in a difficult situation, used “Hypnos” and released XX words to “Chairman of the Sex Processing Department” dedicated to Yuma Oda.
Akizuki became captivated in an instant, and while she was puzzled by the male genitals she saw for the first time, she was in her original form to fulfill her responsibilities! ?? To achieve her transformation.

She gropes her urethra with an exquisite tongue technique, cheeks her male genitals to the back of her throat, dedicates her hymen, and finally even presents her asshole as her special instruction.