Booby Life episode 2


Chika and Naoto spend about two days naked and sprinkle like monkeys. However, Naoto suddenly remembers Ayane.
“Oh, I have to go to college and get a job … and Chika-chan has to do the final review …” Chika suddenly gets angry.
“It’s better to leave me hurt and” Ayane-chan “!”
“That’s …”
“Get out of it!”
Naoto was kicked out of her room. Naoto goes to college and goes to the employment section. He tries to spoil Ayane as usual, but somehow aloof. Naoto is also expelled from the room of the employment section. Naoto wanders around the city with his friend Kenta.
“What should I do?” “That’s a luxury problem.” Naoto returns to his room at midnight.
At that time, the door is opened. The appearance of Chika and Ayane there. “Which one do you choose !!” Naoto gets lost while looking at the two boobs.