Aoharu Snatch episode 2


At the literary club’s training camp, the crew decided to sleep in separate rooms for dudes and chicks. But hold up, there’s only one fine lady in the club, and that got the guys’ imaginations running wild. They couldn’t resist the temptation of gettin’ frisky with the club prez, Shiori. So, they took turns sneakin’ into her room to indulge in some naughty business. Now, here’s where it gets spicy. Makoto, bless his clueless soul, falls hard for Shiori and pours his heart out to her. Guess what? She digs him too, and they start dating. But yo, there’s this awkward vibe between them. Turns out, all those wild encounters they had before turned into mind-blowing ecstasy, and they can’t get those sensations outta their heads. So, even their innocent interactions feel a bit strained. Naturally, they find themselves drawn back to the clubroom, where the dudes gather for their secret shenanigans. And guess what? Makoto and Shiori decide to join the party themselves, diving headfirst into a world of pure pleasure and debauchery.