Oni Chichi 2: Harvest episode 1


“Dad. It’s such a strange thing. Let’s stop. Like in the old days …”
Haruka-neechan, who took off her pants in the bathroom, appealed to the devil daddy standing in front of her.
“Oh … I see. I just have to pee.” The devil daddy who hunts down his daughter while striking an appropriate affair is still erected with full of libido today.
“What are you guys doing so much as a father?”

Haruka’s older sister is astonished by the words of her younger sisters who are squirming at a training camp at the sea in a place they do not know. On the contrary,
“I don’t really hate it …” Haruka, who felt that her sisters had been brainwashed, said,
“No, no, no. That’s not good. It’s funny. Because you shouldn’t do it. ” The younger sisters were overwhelmed by the power of Haruka’s angry sister.
“Hey, stop. I like working part-time here, so don’t do anything weird.”
Haruka’s older sister is forced into the bathroom at the family restaurant where she works part-time. I desperately try to resist the devil daddy stick that rises in front of her …