Fukubiki! Triangle: Miharu After episode 1


Miharu was spending naughty days with the tide that she had in common.
Miharu stays in the care of her parents while traveling, and Miharu is approaching with a fucking blowjob and an alarm clock erotic service from the morning … The tide is still in control.
Meanwhile, it happened while I was attending school. Miharu, who fell into a sudden rhythm, was unconscious and she was taken to the hospital.
In front of the worried tides, there was Miharu who had lost her memory recently …
In contrast to Miharu, who has been lively, open and naughty since she met, she is embarrassed, shy and deep-rooted. Miharu, the opposite of timid.
“I definitely don’t want to go back to me at that time …”
The tragedy that happened to Miharu …

I was lucky to see a different side of Miharu. There was a smile.
“It’s a comedy for Futaba,”
Miharu’s younger sister, Futaba, is still a poisonous little devil.

“Sister, you fell asleep …”
Miharu and Futaba were sleeping with her to restore her memory.
Futaba’s moist eyes approach the tide with Miharu sleeping next to her sideways …