Fukubiki! Triangle: Miharu After episode 2


Futaba is approaching the tide today with Miharu who lost her memory as her back–
as if she robbed her sister’s stock, she pressed her crotch against the face of the tide sleeping from the morning and enjoyed it as a blow job of awakening. There is.
On the other hand, Miharu also confirmed his feelings for the tide, but he couldn’t say anything to Futaba and the tide while being frustrated by himself who couldn’t remember
. However,

Miharu, who came to the school with all her might, finds the twilight tide in the classroom.
Suddenly, the tide that surprised Miharu was in a hurry, and she was soaked in water … The
tide that was involuntarily approaching Miharu who changed into the bloomers that were left behind …
It was a tide that reaffirmed her thoughts to Miharu, who was modestly envious of her, but …

Futaba tried to approach the tide that she was trying to refuse.
“Until my sister’s memory comes back,”
Futaba talks cheerfully and cheerfully, but the tide has a serious expression .