NTR live broadcast! From behind while on the phone with my boyfriend.


Japanese title:NTR実況中継!?彼氏と電話中に背後から.(映像版)


Today, another call from that person. They want me to have sex with them in exchange for not telling my secret to my boyfriend. I have no choice but to agree because I don’t want my secret to be exposed. The sex with this person is completely different from the gentle sex with my boyfriend, it’s rough and dominant. But it feels really fresh. “I can’t believe you’re inside of me like this,” I think to myself. I only love my boyfriend, but I’m sleeping with this person to protect my relationship with him. That’s what I thought at first, anyway. But as I’m being penetrated from behind, I’m starting to lose control. Just then, my boyfriend calls me on my phone. “What? You want me to answer the phone while we’re doing this? You can’t be serious,” I think to myself. But I have no choice and I answer the phone, while still connected to the other person. I don’t know what to do, I might get caught by my boyfriend…