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Ryoujoku Famiresu Choukyou Menu episode 1

Sudden disappearance of parents. Sayaka, who is at a loss for her, still behaves patiently in front of her lover Takayuki.
Sayaka’s desire to rely on her Takayuki for a happy time collapses into a distorted form …

Sayaka has decided to work part-time at a family restaurant owned by Takayuki’s older brother Masashi. ..
Sayaka, her honor student and chairman, spends all her time in an unfamiliar part-time job, but at some point she tends to lose contact with her Takayuki

. Takayuki contacts Sayaka’s cell phone.
Sayaka’s voice, which hasn’t changed as usual, seems to be somewhat glossy …
The discontinuous communication leads to even the discontinuous conversation
… A conversation that doesn’t mesh with Sayaka … ”
Hey, my sister is mischievous … I’m sorry.”
Sayaka’s apology came to Takayuki’s ears as if she was sweet.