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Ryoujoku Famiresu Choukyou Menu episode 2

After her sister, Sayaka, started working part-time at a family restaurant, her relationship with her boyfriend, Takayuki, became weaker, and her younger sister, Moemi, began to feel that her usual appearance was strange.
Moemi, who is curious to act immediately when she becomes interested, rushes to her family restaurant during Sayaka’s part-time job. Sayaka, who leaves the changing room while properly treating Moemi, is taken to the men’s toilet private room by Masashi instead of returning to the store, and is pierced by the unbearable body … Moemi, but … A uniform hung on a locker that catches my eye. I wore it involuntarily because of my uncontrollable curiosity, and while I was sneaking around to avoid being found by Sayaka, I opened the door of “STAFF ONLY”
Moemi crouches down slowly, exposing her secret part while embarrassingly dyeing her cheeks as she opens her legs and shifts her shorts from her rounded hips.
“… I don’t like this embarrassing appearance.” When the bright red Moemi trembles, Komizu drips and drips, and eventually her momentum increases.
Bloody eyes were staring obscenely from her exhaust port, which is hard to see from her Moemi …