Ero Konbini Tenchou episode 1


One of the affiliated stores is a shocking word when Yoshihiro, who was ordered to help as a deputy store manager in a hurry due to the unusual situation that three store managers have changed recently.
“But it’s been half a year yet? If you have any questions …”
“It’s fine! I can’t make a mistake.”
She is a perfectionist Namiki JK Miki.
A mature beautiful girl JK who is a little different from Yui who is a long, nice, serious girl with a black stomach and Shiori who is a lotus leaf.
“Huh, acting? Can’t you really work?” It’s only natural that Yoshihiro’s punishment stick reacts as the part-time job
JK, who is less than half a year old, despises from above …
Unnecessary contact called gaze and guidance. ” It’s completely sexual harassment. I reported it to the headquarters. ” . My sexual harassment has a different dimension! “The innocent limbs that stir up lust, even though they are naive, had no choice but to complain obediently in front of the punishment stick …