Ero Konbini Tenchou episode 4


Yui-chan relieves stress while watching the appearance of cheeky-chan being made to cry by her uncle as usual.
She was planning to make fun of Shi-chan by taking a sneak shot with her mother-in-law today … but
“Yui. It’s painful … you’re fired.”
Uncle tells me that it’s ridiculous with a mysterious face.
Aori of the recession is a staffing in a situation like this.
“Oh, that’s … no …”
Yui, who lives with her mother and daughter.
No matter how angry, it’s all for living with mom.
If you get sick here, the root that puts a heavy burden on mom is serious Yui.
I obeyed her uncle’s narrow-hearted proposal while reluctantly rotting. “Become my XX.”
It was Yui who quietly obeyed the request of the uncle Kuru and panted …