Ero Konbini Tenchou episode 2


Yoshihiro is so happy that he was finally able to teach a naive virgin.
For further educational training, Miki’s limbs are devoted to the unmanned unmanned lotus leaf girl Shiori who is all-you-can-eat while serving customers.

On the other hand, Miki continues to resist bullishly when she appeals absolutely, even though she is fucked.
However, she is a Guess store manager who mischiefs under the cash register while serving her boyfriend.
Yoshihiro desperately hesitates and gropes her knee-kicking Miki, and the revenge of the Bunjin strike is also threatened to sue for injury …

Miki is being cornered.
Among them, her thoughts to endure all ○○ with an unyielding heart …
“… No, this person has already fallen to me …”
While being humiliated, it’s her cuteness Miki, who has been convinced that it is because of this …
“Excessive self-consciousness” It was extremely rare here …